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good enough • a genesis rhapsodos fanmix || listen

fjøll nibel, mín móðir • a fanmix for the strife family, nibelheim, and the old gods || listen

"there are fouler things than dragons and wolves living in those mountains, cloud, and you’d do well to remember that"
FFVII: Advent Children characters - Sephiroth 

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I’ll keep dancing through this beautiful, delusional career/Faking every tear/Looking like a compromise suicide/Keeping all my dreams alive.

A mix for ASGZ that principally focuses on how SOLDIER can be seen under two different lights: one, the core of authentic bonds, loyalty and heroism; the other, the broken, illusory, beautiful façade merely used by ShinRa to hide its corruption… pretending everything behind each victory was flawless and with no shades of darkness.

[Note: Some of the songs are specifically related to Sephiroth only.]

Listen here @ my 8tracks page.

   Being a SOLDIER member surely is a heavy burden to carry.

    Everyone of them, at a point in their life, would have to face their own demons and inner contradictions, and inevitably are left wondering: who’s the real enemy? What’s worth fighting for? Some find a glorious answer – while others just lose themselves along the harsh way. —


tomorrow people - billy idol | kill the lights - the birthday massacre | warriors - imagine dragons | hall of fame - the script | hurricane - 30 seconds to mars | soldiers - otherwise | what a scene - the goo goo dolls | nemo - nightwish | we were men - theory of a deadman | illusion & dream - poets of the fall | hear me now - hollywood undead | issues - escape the fate | everybody’s fool - evanescence | monster - imagine dragons | breath - breaking benjamin | castle of glass - linkin park.

video game challenge: 7 male characters


Fanmix of Zack Fair’s rebellion, searching and fighting for his F R E E D O M (listen)

"I don't need the assurance of my life, what I want is freedom." 
(Zack Fair, --Last Order: Final Fantasy VII)

1. (instrumental) The Price of Freedom  2. Trapped - Takeharu Ishimoto ft. Stephanie  3. Rebellion - Linkin Park ft. Daron Malakian  4. Remember The Empire - House of Heroes  5. Blisters & Coffee - The Classic Crime  6. Conquistador - 30 Seconds to Mars  7. This is Why We Fight - The Decemberist  8. Somebody to Die For - Hurts  9. Freedom - Michael Heart  10. (instrumental) Braveheart Main Theme

<"Tell the enemy, they could take my life but they never take my freedom." 
(William Wallace, --Braveheart)

Note: Just random songs rocking my roleplay main timeverse

- 1 week ago


The sun is in the north // A Genesis x Sephiroth fanmix

I waited so long to meet you / I ran across the very deep dark places / That you made up with embers of others / I’ve seen light in this tight corridor and / I expected everything, received nothing / Yet, you seemed to be so perfect.”

Listen here at my 8tracks


russia on ice - porcupine tree | keep your heart broken - the rasmus | black black heart - david usher | street spirit - radiohead | lies - evanescence | salt of the earth - lovedrug | 24 - jem | resurrection - HIM | isolated system - muse | returning the smile you have had from the start - emery | victims of love - good charlotte | what if this storm ends? (the lightning strike) - snow patrol | hollow - submersed | voices - saosin | broken - seether | fade away - celldweller | buried beneath - red | the sun is in the north - if these trees could talk | call me - shinedown | with eyes wide shut - blessthefall | wretched - snow shards

open road • a cloud strife fanmix || listen