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Wow, I love the comparison. But prefer the last panel of original game for Midgar which look so astounding behind…. it hits so much how close the city is.

Defeating  me  is  meaningless


Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII Opening

Final Fantasy VII Opening


Genesis, Sephiroth, Angeal - Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII

we have to stay strong for the ones we love.

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- 4 days ago
brittyxchan whispered: I. LOVE. EVERYTHING. ABOUT. THIS. BLOG. -hugs tightly- X3 Thank you so much for being so awesome :'D especially with the music!



*hugs back*

I’M HAPPY YOU LOVE THE MUSIC! It’s just some random songs I put with the theme more about soldiers, I thought the visitors of the blog would pause or mute it. Even as for Gackt’s song, it’s originally for Vincent, right? But, can’t help to put it too as it’s Genesis’ voice and face.

- 4 days ago
artisanshatter whispered: Thanks heaps! I love that version more than I thought I would have You rock



You’re welcome, dear! I also love the version absolutely.