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THE HERO IN YOUR HEART • a zack fair fanmix || Listen

Song collection to say good night to our hero and set him free. All tracks are sung by female singer / vocalist. Including 2014 new song of “The Price of Freedom” official vocalized version.

Lyric Keywords: blood, cloud, dream, eyes, free/freedom, good night, heart, heaven, hero, home, honor, let go, life, light, promise, rain, sky, smile, soldier, stand, survive, thank you, why 

Recommended to play all the tracks on Crisis Core ending.

For Oihane! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being so nice to me, even though we barely talk and making my requests and just being an awesome person~ ❤ 

sweetheart, what have you done to us  a genesis x angeal fanmix || listen

track name The Price of Freedom
artist The Death March
play count 284


The official vocalized version from Takehiro Ishimoto’s 2014 album. Lyrics:

Lying next to you, I’m holding your hand
Gentle eyes of beauty bringing peace to me now
The silent peace so soft it passes right through my arms
I’m wishing that this moment lasts a little bit more

You saved me through the rocky roads
You gave me half of your precious soul
I wanna hear you laugh some more
Don’t wanna see you go

chorus I:
All the times we fought, we’re together as one
Even when we part, you will never be gone
Look into the sky and see the dream we never lost
Can’t you see it coming true?
We made it through
I share this time with you
I wanna see your smile

Close your eyes, you’ve gone through so much, my love
All the past is now a cloud of floating memories
The sunlight shining through the long and dark nights we’ve walked
All that’s left to do is rest and heal our hearts

Every step along the way
You gave me strength to stand my ground
There’s so much to say to you
But now it’s time to go

Chorus II:
All the times we fought, we’re together as one
Even when we part, you will never be gone
As the times go by, there’s something that I realize
There was not a single thing
That I could do
If I didn’t have you

The price to pay to be right where we wanted to be
It wasn’t so easy to achieve
What we needed to find the way to freedom
I learned so much through it all
But you’re the reason I stand tall
Together we embrace one dream:
Protecting our honor

Back to Chorus I

All the times we fought…

Now I give you all my heart
take it all it’s just for you
I’ll never forget the love you gave us all
In my eternal memories
I wanna see your smile

SKY by South Note

Can’t read Japanese but the story may parallelize what Zack felt in recalling Angeal to Cloud’s remembrance of Zack.

- 1 week ago

please stop murdering all of my friends • a sephiroth x cloud fanmix || cover art || listen


Genesis Rhapsodos – Elegance & Rebellion

             Angeal Hewley – Wisdom & Parsimony

                        Sephiroth – Loyalty & Heroism

Nightwish / The Crow, The Owl and The Dove

Let’s go to the promise land mother