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in the end, war makes strangers of us all.

New Cloud Strife illustration by Tetsuya Nomura

final fantasy vii: g-bike

the true ones— they stay with us forever.

Mod Announcement #5: 2nd Year Anniversary and hitting 480+ followers

Can’t believe it, time seems to move so fast and we forget it had passed two years since we created this fanblog. The original date of this first post is actually Sep 5th 2012 and we’re so happy we have been still spoiling you ‘til now on—followers or not.

And we gained more than 100 hundred followers only in two months. Ask and submit box always open for you to drop suggestion, idea, and anything^^.

Anyway, thank you for supporting!

MONSTER / if I told you what I was, would you turn your back on me?

A mix for the sad, rotten heart of Genesis Rhapsodos. [listen]

I’m glad you never got into SOLDIER, Cloud…
It comes with a P R I C E.


"Even if the morrow is barren of promises… Nothing shall forestall… My return."